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Personal Online Banking

Make banking convenient for you with a free, 24/7, online access to your accounts! If you would like to apply for online banking, please contact your First State Bank Branch for further information.

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds
  • View check images
  • Search transactions
  • View account statements
  • Easily export data

Money Desktop

Money Desktop is an online money management tool, integrated into your online banking. This feature allows you to understand and manage your finances effectively. Focus more on planning and preparing for the future!

  • Aggregate accounts in one place
  • Avoid overdraft fees or missed payments
  • Categorize your spending
  • Understand your spending habits
  • Create budgets to limit spending
  • Track assets and liabilities
  • Accessible by mobile app or computer

Bill Pay

First State Bank Bill Pay is another online banking feature that assists you with organizing and paying your monthly bills. Save time and money; Bill Pay is quick, easy, and secure!

  • Manage all of your bills in one place
  • Pay bills one time or schedule recurring payments
  • Easily access payment receipts and history
  • Secure online transactions
  • Generate reports and export data


Simplify your banking when you sign up for eStatements.

  • Eliminate paper waste, help protect the planet
  • Save time by getting your statement instantly
  • Easily save and store files digitally
  • Protect your identity, eStatements are secure
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